Add a Pot Filler for the Ultimate Luxury

Pot fillers are a great luxury addition to a gourmet kitchen. Not only do they add visual appeal, they can help save you time and energy, especially if you cook a lot. Pot fillers will allow you to fill your pots right on the stovetop. They can fold up to fit closely to the wall […]

Update Your Bathroom for Less Than $100

  Do you want to refresh the look of your bathroom? Just want a change to brighten your day? Want to save some money on a new look? This blog is for you! There are many ways to freshen up your bathroom without breaking the bank. Bathrooms are small and therefore require a lot less […]

Removing Buildup on your Shower Head

  Does your shower head seem to spray in every direction except the right one when you get in the shower in the morning? Mine did. Since I have well water, it is not all that uncommon to have the holes in the shower head stop up with the minerals in the water. But fear […]

Replacing an Outlet by Go Green

How to Replace an Outlet Do you have cracked cover plates on your light switches or outlets? Do you have outlets that don’t work? It is really simple and easy to replace those switches as well as the cover plates. First, disconnect the outlet or switch from the power supply. Cut the power supply at […]

Why Go Tankless? by Go Green Plumbing, Greensboro North Carolina

Ever thought about going Tankless? If you find that you have to replace your water heater, you might want to consider a tankless water heater.  Tankless water heaters are efficient because you just heat the water you use rather than storing multiple gallons of water. Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater system: You are unlikely to […]

Irrigation System by Go Green Plumbing

  Is an Irrigation System Right for You? With spring just around the corner, you may be daydreaming of that beautiful emerald green lawn and how wonderful it will feel to finally sink your bare feet into that nice lush carpet of grass. But how are you going to ensure you have that luscious yard? […]

Composting by Go Green Plumbing

Composting for Beautiful Produce Want to grow summer tomatoes that are the envy of the neighborhood? How about flowers that are perfect for arranging? Compost may be the answer to you are seeking. Earlier this week we talked about how you can use a garbage disposer to get rid of your kitchen scraps by flushing […]