Plumbing Leaks Can Make Pests Feel Welcome

Plumbing leaks may seem like a nuisance problem that can ‘just wait’. However, did you know that water leaks can also attract pests?  Just like all animals, cockroaches and mice need three basic things – shelter, food and water.  In fact, they can go without food for an extended period of time, but just days […]

When Should You Replace Your Sump Pump?

If you have a basement with sump pump, you have likely spent the last few months worrying about its stability in the face of the heavy rains we’ve had lately.  So, how do you know when it is time to replace your sump pump?  There are a few key tip offs that the time is […]

Noisy Faucets – What to do!

  Do you have a faucet that is absolutely driving you up a wall with the noise it makes?  Maybe it is a high pitched squeal or screech.  You’ve probably tried to ignore it – after all, maybe it will go away on its own – right?  Unfortunately, it likely won’t go away on its […]

Does Your Economy Setting Really Save You Money?

If you have purchased a water heater, dishwasher, dryer or washing machine recently, you have probably seen that most models contain a setting that promises more economical operation. In fact, most of these appliances purport to save you money through decreased water consumption as well as lowered electrical or gas use.  But, does it really […]

Don’t Buy a Home Without Inspecting the Septic System

Your home is one of the biggest investments you make.  For most homeowners your mortgage accounts for over 30% of your monthly income.  So, you know you need to get an inspection before investing that kind of dollars. However, most homeowners overlook one often overlooked, but really expensive piece of equipment crucial to the smooth […]

Preparing Your Plumbing for a Vacation

Are you planning a long weekend in the Bahamas?  Maybe a week in Mexico or the Catskills?  While you are busy planning your action packed (or nap packed) vacation, take a minute to care for your home as only you can.  The last thing you want to happen after your relaxing vacation is to come […]