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How to Maintain Your Plumbing

We all know that maintenance is important for a lot of things around us.  Regular maintenance on our vehicles keep them in running good running order.  Changing filters on our heating and air units regularly helps get us through the hottest and coldest days of the year.  We even maintain ourselves when we get our regular, yearly checkouts at our doctor.  But have you ever thought that your plumbing needs maintenance as well?  As with anything else, our plumbing can benefit from regular maintenance and can prevent costly repairs in the future.Peteonfloor-555x390

Start with an inspection of your plumbing.  Look at the plumbing under your sinks and toilets for any signs of leaks or moisture.  Some condensation on cold metal pipe on hot, humid days is to be expected, so you would want to reinspect at another time when the house is cooler to determine if it is normal condensation or a small leak. Check around the base of your toilet for water stains or darker grout lines that can indicate a slow leak either from a broken wax ring or flange under your toilet.

Check all faucets and shower heads to monitor water pressure.  There may be some difference between faucets styles, but all should have a stead flow of water.  Pay attention to the water as it drains from your sinks and tubs.  Slow drainage can be a sign of a clog or build up in your pipes.  You will want to remove and clean aerators on faucets and shower heads to flush out any sediment build up that can slow water flow.

You will also want to check pipes on your water heater for moisture or leaks.  Be sure and check around the base of the water heater for water stains or puddles.  Your inspection will want to include your garbage disposals to check for loosened connections or signs of clogs.  If you are on a crawl space, look for signs of leaks around joints and connections on your plumbing.  Don’t forget to check the water lines and area around your washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Repairs to any leaks or wet areas discovered during your inspection is important.  The longer a leak continues the more damage to your walls, flooring and home.  Some issues may simply require tightening a fitting or nut bolt.  Others may require calling a professional to determine what needs to be repaired.  So schedule your plumbing for an annual checkup, either by you or your certified plumber.  It is necessary for the proper working of your plumbing system, and good protection from major plumbing issues in the future.

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Ways to Remove Mold by Go Green Plumbing

Mold buildup can be a nasty bathroom issue!  Since mold loves dark, moist areas, our bathrooms provide perfect homes for these unwelcome spores.  But, don’t despair.  Although, one of the most common problems in homes, if not allowed to get out of hand, it is also one of the more easily solved problems.curbless-showers

An “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a very true statement in the case of dealing with mold.  Taking steps to prevent and limit excessive mold growth can save you money, and prevent health issues related to an overgrowth of mold.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Make certain you have good ventilation in your bathrooms by installing an exhaust fan. This will help pull moisture out of the bathroom and keep things dry.  Mold cannot grow without moisture.  Run the fan not only during your shower or bath, but about 30 minutes afterward.
  • Keep check for leaks around toilets, sinks, and shower/tub areas. If you have plumbing from the bathroom in a basement or crawl space area, check these for leaks as well.  Have repairs made to any leaky areas or pipes.
  • Regularly wash rugs, wallpaper, shower liners and curtains. Purchase a mold-resistant shower liner as these are good places for mold to grow.  If installing new drywall or wallpaper these also can be purchased using mold-resistant materials.
  • Limit the items stored in the shower (i.e., shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, etc.) as these provide perfect places for mold to grow.
  • Drying showers and tubs after use will also assist in the prevention of mold growth.

Prevention is a great way to control mold, but since mold spores are in the air around us, we will still at times have to deal with it.  So, how is the best way to clean mold from our bathroom areas?  We will discuss some helpful suggestions  in Part 2 of Ways To Remove and Help Prevent Mold In Bathrooms.

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Hot Water Dispensers by Go Green Plumbing

Tired of wasting time watching your microwave heat water for coffee, tea or cereal?  And the old adage that “a watched pot never boils” has at times seemed so true.  Fortunately for us “always in a hurry, need to save time” individuals, there is a solution…Instant Hot Water Dispensers.Under-Sink-Hot-Water-Dispenser-2

Instant hot water dispensers, formerly used only in commercial kitchens (or for a luxury for the most high-end homes), are now available and affordable for anyone looking to find ways to speed up their time spent in the kitchen.  These dispensers can reduce the time spent making that morning cup of tea, coffee, chocolate or bowl of hot cereal.

But what about dinner time?  Waiting for water to boil will be a thing of the past.  Use your instant hot water to get a head start on boiling water for rice, pasta, and sauces.  Some of the other uses for your hot water dispenser are heating baby food and bottles, sterilizing dishes and utensils, removing jar lids, rehydrating dried foods, removing baked on residue from pans, and many more.

Instant hot water dispensers have their own compact water tank that mounts underneath the kitchen sink and attaches to a separate faucet on the counter.  They come in tank sizes of 1/2 gallon to 2/3 gallon with adjustable temperatures ranging from 160ºF to 210ºF.  Some come equipped with filtering systems, or a separate filtering system can be added if wanted.  Faucets are usually sold separately, but specials can be found that include the faucet/dispenser as well.

So, if needing to shave off those minutes getting out the door in the morning, or just want to reduce the time preparing dinner look into an Instant Hot Water dispenser. Need help installing an Instant Hot Water Dispenser? Call the professionals at Go Green Plumbing at 336-252-2999 for service 7 days a week/24 hours a day.  If water runs through it – We Do It!

Choosing Shower Fixtures

Whether you are updating old, leaky shower fixtures or choosing them for a completely new shower, you will encounter a large array when you start your search.  Not just functional anymore, shower fixtures can be the statement pieces in our bathrooms.  Making shower selections is very personal, and depends on what we expect to get out of shower experience.P16672369

For those whose mornings are extremely rushed, and getting through a shower the quickest way possible is a must, then your choice may be the old faithful single-head spray shower head.  This type of fixture has a head with several nozzles that distributes the spray.  Most have an adjustable lever that will change the flow of water from wide to concentrated streams.  Some may prefer a hand-held variety that is attached to a flexible hose.  Handheld shower heads give a nice showering experience, but is also useful in cleaning and rinsing your shower.

If you are looking for more of a spa-like experience, then you might be interested in rain shower heads that are suspended above the user and sprays straight down.  Some are installed directly from the ceiling of the shower, while others mount to the wall and extend above the user still allowing a downward spray of water .  This type of shower head can provide a very soothing and refreshing effect. Just remember that your hair will get wet every time if suspended from the top!

For the all out luxury (and who doesn’t want that?), look at adding body sprays.  This can be done by purchasing a body shower wall unit that comes with a shower head and body sprays built into a tower unit, or creating a custom look by installing individual spray heads that are each plumbed into the shower wall.  Additional features to consider are thermostatic valves that maintain constant water temperature, and digital controls that can regulate water flow intensity, temperature, ambient lighting and music.  These are all features for the individual that is looking for the ultimate relaxing and de-stressing shower.  However, keep in mind these items come at luxury costs, so determine your budget ahead of time.

Whatever your selection, make your shower your own special place to rejuvenate, relax and escape!

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Bathroom Remodels by Go Green Plumbing

Finally, you are getting the new bathroom you have always wanted.  Now you have started the search for your faucets, and are staring wide-eyed at an over-whelming array of them.  Who knew there could be so many choices in bathroom faucets?  Well, here is some info that hopefully will make your selections much easier and a lot less stressful.moen-T6125-1

To start, you have to consider your remodel.  Are you keeping your current sink or replacing?  If you are keeping your existing sink you will need a faucet that has the same pre-drilled hole cutouts.  The different types of faucets are Single-hole, Center-set, Widespread mounts and Wall mounts.  If installing a new sink, then you can go with the style of faucet you like best since holes can be drilled at installation.

The next thing you have to consider is your finish.  Your choices will range from the industry standard of polished chrome, to brushed nickel, stainless steel, bronze, brass and decorative ceramics.  Choose a finish that you love and will be happy to live with.  Keep in mind that polished finishes, while beautiful, require more upkeep.  Brushed finishes help at hiding water spots and fingerprints; a plus if you have children.

There are now special features manufacturers have created to assist us and make us feel more pampered.  Have a need for extra clean hands?  Then you might be interested in a sanitizing faucet that injects a stream of ozone into the faucet water to kill germs.  Some come with the feature built in or a retrofit kit can be purchased and attached.  Prefer a hands-free faucet?  Then a motion-activated faucet that requires a battery or AC power, or one that generates its own power, might be just what you need.  If soft, silky water is your preference, then a faucet with laminar flow will be the one for you.

Shopping for your bathroom faucets can be fun and exciting.  Doing some online research for current styles, finishes and features will help you make a better, more informed choice.  And whether you purchase from a local hardware store, showroom, or online store, you will know you have made the perfect choice for you.

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