Removing Lime Build Up From Bathroom Faucets

  Lime buildup can make the prettiest sinks and faucets dull, spotty, and unattractive.  Why? Because water has minerals like calcium and magnesium that can be the culprits for hard water deposits or lime buildup.  As water dries on a surface, these minerals remain, causing spots and buildup on and around faucets and sinks.  Although […]

Your Plumber Can Do More Than “Fix-It”

  Many people believe that the only time to call a plumber is when you have a clogged pipe or a leaking water line.  But in reality, there are many occasions when a licensed plumber is needed. Are you building a new home?  Do you want to add a bathroom, or move a sink in […]

What’s in Your Water?

  Water covers about 70 percent of the earth, and humans are made up of up to 60 percent of water. In fact, doctors recommend that you drink at least 64 ounces of water per day to maintain a healthy body. That’s why knowing what’s in your water is so important. One way consumers are ensuring their […]

Energy Efficient Water Heaters – Gas Versus Electric

  Ask most people and they will agree that we live in a very energy-aware society. People are concerned with finding more ways to conserve now that ever. But, when thinking about energy efficiency, most people may not consider their water heaters as significant means for saving energy – and money. However, water heater usage […]

Taking Care of Our Feathered Friends This Winter

One of the joys of winter for many people is feeding birds who visit their yard searching for treats amidst the cold landscape. Maybe you’re one of those bird lovers? If so, colder temperatures may have you thinking about them. Although birds are made to adjust to colder weather, there are things you can do to […]

Remove Odors From Your Refrigerator

The new year is here, but there may be some leftovers from 2016 hanging around — literally. After the dinners, parties and celebrations, your refrigerator may still be housing leftovers, expired items, or produce that’s past its freshness, causing bad smells to take over your refrigerator and be difficult to remove. The following steps can help you deal with […]

Upgrade Your Coffee — With a Built in Coffee System

  Many people wouldn’t know how to get their day started without a “cup of joe.”  But, making that first cup happen can be a little challenging sometimes. How many times have you stumbled around the kitchen, half asleep, trying to fill the coffee pot and get that wonderful aroma going to wake you up? […]