Point-of-Use Tankless Water Heater

    Tankless water heaters have become more popular over the last several years with individuals focusing on making their homes more energy efficient.  A standard hot water heater can use up to 20 percent or more of a home’s annual energy due to maintaining a standard water temperature when not in use.  Whole house […]

Plumbing in a Tiny Home

  With the Tiny Home popularity growing, many are interested in what it takes to build a Tiny Home.  Once you figure out the size and layout, one of the remaining details is plumbing: How will you get water in and out of your Tiny Home? Below we’ve laid out a few ideas for you […]

Avoid Being Taken In by Sewer Line Replacement Scams

  Sewer line problems at your home can not only be messy, smelly and unsanitary, they can also be costly.  While having to deal with all the mess, both inside and outside your come, you should not have to worry about being taken advantage of financially. Unfortunately, with disreputable contractors, that can be an issue. […]

When Your Pilot Light on the Gas Hot Water Heater Goes Out

  It can be frustrating to find out that the pilot light on your gas hot water tank is out.  Discovering that it has gone out often occurs at the most inconvenient times, like standing in your shower waiting for the hot water or trying to fill your sink to wash dishes.  Determining the reason […]

Getting Your Sprinkler System Up and Running for Spring

After winter, we all get excited at the first signs of spring.  We start making our lists for all the outside projects we want to begin working on and those we want to complete.  However, many might not remember to put their sprinkler or irrigation system on the to do list.  To ensure your system […]