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3 Ways to Save Water at Home

Man catching water dripping from leaky faucet.

Water conservation has become a major theme in recent years as more people pay attention to the increased heat of summer. Quite apart from that, though, more people are opting to employ greener water practices as a means of reducing their utility bills, and that’s always something worth considering.

But where do you start? It may not be entirely clear what you can do to conserve water if you don’t take extreme measures of building your own cistern, but it’s pretty easy once you know what to look for. Here some tips to improve your plumbing and conserve water in your home:

Fix Leaks

Leaks happen even in the newest buildings, and they can be an insidious way you might be wasting water. Dripping faucets alone can waste gallons of water over time, and they can be easily fixed either on your own or with the help of a technician. 

Even if your faucets aren’t leaking, though, you should still keep an eye out for signs of leaks elsewhere in your home since any lost water will be impacting your carbon footprint and your monthly utility bill at the same time. Schedule a leak detection service once a year to make sure your plumbing system is in good working order. 

Opt for a Low-Flow Toilet

Plumbing has been a relatively stable profession over the years to a casual observer: after the invention of indoor plumbing, the presence of faucets, toilets, tubs, and the like has been relatively stable. 

If you’re more knowledgeable about the industry, though, you’ll be aware that new technologies are rolled out all the time to help homeowners. If you’re still using a traditional toilet installed in the 20th century, for example, you might be better off investing in a low-flow toilet, which has been designed to save gallons of water with every flush.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Every homeowner has probably been told at one point how vital proper maintenance of their property is, but when it comes to plumbing, getting regular inspections is a must. The reason for this is that your plumbing wears out, just like anything else, but that wear and tear ends up creating inefficiencies, which can be wasting significant amounts of water.

To find out more about how to conserve water in your home, call the Go Green team today! Our plumbers offer everything from drain cleaning to water heater services