Avoid Being Taken In by Sewer Line Replacement Scams


Sewer line problems at your home can not only be messy, smelly and unsanitary, they can also be costly.  While having to deal with all the mess, both inside and outside your come, you should not have to worry about being taken advantage of financially. Unfortunately, with disreputable contractors, that can be an issue. With a little homework, you can protect yourself from these scammers.

Beware of Fake Videos.

A problem with your sewer line doesn’t necessarily mean a replacement.  A reputable plumber will use a sewer camera to check the line to determine the problem.  Request to see the video footage, and ask that they video the area around the sewer lines.  This will ensure they are recording the sewer lines at your home.  Scammers will sometimes use fake videos, or ones from another home, as “proof” your lines need replacing when they may only have a clog that needs to be cleared.

Don’t Overpay.

As mentioned, sewer line repairs can be costly, but don’t allow yourself to be overcharged.  Depending on the damage and the time involved for the repair, costs can range between $4,000-$8,000, possibly more.  However, as with any other repairs or remodeling, it is always good to get a couple of estimates.  Scammers will try to charge you much more than the project should cost.  Comparing estimates will help you find a legitimate plumber for your repairs.

Does That Really Need to Fixed?

If it doesn’t sound right, then it may not be.  Scammers will try to convince you that problems are bigger than they really are resulting in higher repair prices.  If you feel the estimate is too high, and the repairs more than needed, find another company to look at your sewer line problem.  Again, shopping around for the right plumber is a smart thing.   Asking friends and neighbors for referrals is also a good idea.

Don’t compound your sewer line problem by paying more than necessary to get things running again in your home.  Do your research on local plumbers, get multiple quotes, and ask for referrals.  Then you will make certain to protect yourself from sewer line replacement scams.

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