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Under Counter Ice makers


Do you have a large family that uses a lot of ice?  Or, love to entertain and tired of carrying home large bags of ice?  The solution to your problems may just be an “under counter ice maker”.  Designed to fit under your countertop like a dishwasher, it can be worked right into your kitchen design.  If having a constant supply of ice sounds like a good choice for your home, here are some things to review before making your purchase.


First and foremost, determine the location for your ice maker.  This will allow you to purchase the correct size for the space available.  Remember that access to a water line and 110V-120V 3-prong outlet is needed.


Capacity of the ice maker is related to the size of the ice maker.  A smaller space means a machine with a smaller capacity.  However, an ice maker with a high production rate will allow the machine to remake ice faster.  Different types of ice machines make different shapes of ice (i.e., nugget or pearl ice, cube ice, crescent ice, or gourmet).  Built in water filters are another feature to be considered, along with whether or not the machine comes with a warranty.


Installation is another consideration.  An experienced DIYer might be able to manage the installation. However, there are several complicated aspects to be considered, so having a professional handle it might be worth the additional cost.  Proper installation ensures your ice maker works at its best and alleviates leak concerns that can damage cabinets and flooring.

Having an under counter ice maker means you’re less likely to run out of ice right when you need it — an important asset to your family on a daily basis, and when entertaining.  You’ll be able to sit back, relax, and never worry about having enough ice on hand.

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High Tech Your Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, most people think of outlets and lights switches as an afterthought.  While they are a necessity, they can sometimes be unsightly and detract from beautiful kitchen designs.  Thanks to some great new items, outlets and light switches can now become an interesting part of your design that will add to the overall functioning of your new kitchen.

Light Switches –  There are now flush mount switches that are as stylish as they are functional.  These range from a simple push switch (no flip switches here), touch switches that require a touch of your finger tip, a tap switch that turns on/off with a tap of the finger, and even sensor switches where you wave your hand in front of the switch.

Outlets – Once something that could ruin the look of a gorgeous backsplash, outlets are now something to build in as part of the design. Pop-out outlets, for example, have smooth flush features enabling the outlet to remain hidden until you push it to reveal three plugs.  There are also USB outlets that can make it easier to charge your devices while working in the kitchen.

Under-counter Tracks – These attach under your cabinet area and can be used to provide lighting, extra outlets, USB ports and iPad/iPhone cradles.  They can be installed using an existing outlet to provide electricity to each cabinet section, or can be hardwired in for a completely smooth, unmarred backsplash.

Bluetooth is also a feature that can be added to allow you to control not just the lighting in your kitchen, but throughout the rest of your home.  So, if you are updating or remodeling your kitchen area, remember to check out the new tech items available to make your kitchen high functioning, as well as beautiful.

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Going Touch-less or Hands-free


As part of living in an increasingly germ-resistant world, many people are looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs in their homes, especially in their bathrooms and kitchens. To meet this new demand, companies started producing hands-free and touch-less faucets, soap dispensers, and toilets some years ago. Now these items are available for our homes as well.  But what are the true benefits of going hands-free or touch-less in our homes?

One of the main ways germs are spread is through touch. Some common viruses, germs, and bacteria can survive on surfaces for several weeks. Not having to touch certain surfaces, such as faucets or toilet handles, can greatly reduce the risk of spreading these viruses or germs.410d-t7iopl-_sx300_

Another benefit is for those with limited motor skills or arthritis. Not having to turn a handle or lever can make the life easier for those who have difficulty gripping or pushing a handle. It is also helpful in other ways. Hands full or dirty? Sick or handling raw food? Hands-free faucets allows you to use your wrist or elbow to turn the water on or off. Touch-less uses a sensor system to detect movement to turn the water on or off.

In homes with several family members, faucets handles can receive a workout on a daily basis.  Having a touch-less or hands-free system can reduce wear and tear, resulting in fewer repairs or replacements. Both systems can help you work more efficiently in the kitchen, and keep things cleaner by not having to touch surfaces with dirty hands.

Touch-less or hands-free faucets or toilets are part of the new technology growth around. So, these require more than just plumbing to work. They have to have a power source, either from batteries or electricity. So, make sure you discuss the installation with your qualified plumber to ensure all is installed and working properly. Then enjoy your new touch-less or hands-free additions to your home.

Not Your Average Sink Plumbing


If you’re considering replacing a sink in your powder room or bathroom, you may be looking at some of the cool wall mount or vessel sinks available today. If so, one area you need to give attention to is the plumbing under the sink.  Since these sinks don’t have base cabinets or vanities to hide the plumbing, you may want to look at some of the new decorative p-traps now on the market.

So what is a p-trap? It is a pipe that has a sharp curve or dip in the pipe, and is a necessary part of your sink plumbing. Water collects in this curved or dipped area, and prevents sewer gases from backing up into your home. The p-trap can also catch heavy items, such as an earring or ring, and stop them from going down the drain.

With the appeal of floating vanities and wall mounted sinks growing, the demand for more decorative p-traps has increased. Companies are now providing them in an array of finishes from black and chrome to brass and brushed nickel.  This allows you to have your exposed p-trap match whatever finish you choose for your sink fixtures.plumber_sinks

Along with the various finishes being offered, there are also different styles of p-traps. This will give you a more cohesive look to your bathroom. Home improvement stores have styles ranging from traditional, vintage, European, modern and contemporary. To complete the look, you can find matching angle stops (the under sink turn on/off valves) in stores and online as well.

So remember, although a necessity, your p-traps don’t have to be just “average” anymore.  If you’re installing a sink with exposed plumbing, consider one of the new decorative p-traps to accent your new sink. This can make for a beautiful addition to your powder room or bathroom.

Bathroom Remodels by Go Green Plumbing

Finally, you are getting the new bathroom you have always wanted.  Now you have started the search for your faucets, and are staring wide-eyed at an over-whelming array of them.  Who knew there could be so many choices in bathroom faucets?  Well, here is some info that hopefully will make your selections much easier and a lot less stressful.moen-T6125-1

To start, you have to consider your remodel.  Are you keeping your current sink or replacing?  If you are keeping your existing sink you will need a faucet that has the same pre-drilled hole cutouts.  The different types of faucets are Single-hole, Center-set, Widespread mounts and Wall mounts.  If installing a new sink, then you can go with the style of faucet you like best since holes can be drilled at installation.

The next thing you have to consider is your finish.  Your choices will range from the industry standard of polished chrome, to brushed nickel, stainless steel, bronze, brass and decorative ceramics.  Choose a finish that you love and will be happy to live with.  Keep in mind that polished finishes, while beautiful, require more upkeep.  Brushed finishes help at hiding water spots and fingerprints; a plus if you have children.

There are now special features manufacturers have created to assist us and make us feel more pampered.  Have a need for extra clean hands?  Then you might be interested in a sanitizing faucet that injects a stream of ozone into the faucet water to kill germs.  Some come with the feature built in or a retrofit kit can be purchased and attached.  Prefer a hands-free faucet?  Then a motion-activated faucet that requires a battery or AC power, or one that generates its own power, might be just what you need.  If soft, silky water is your preference, then a faucet with laminar flow will be the one for you.

Shopping for your bathroom faucets can be fun and exciting.  Doing some online research for current styles, finishes and features will help you make a better, more informed choice.  And whether you purchase from a local hardware store, showroom, or online store, you will know you have made the perfect choice for you.

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