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10 Ways to Save Water Outdoors – Part One


Summer is often the time of the year when many homeowners work to find ways to conserve water usage. Ideas to save water indoors are relatively easy to come up with and apply, but outdoors takes a little more creativity. Below are the first five of ten ideas in a two-part series to help you save water outdoors this summer.

Be careful not to overwater your lawn. For a healthy lawn, experts recommend watering every 5-7 days. If your lawn gets a good soaking rain, you may be able to go up to two weeks without watering your lawn.

Strategically plan your watering times. For best absorption and the least waste, water your lawn in the morning. The cooler air in the mornings can reduce evaporation, which means you won’t need to water your lawn as long.

Carefully place your sprinklers. Though it may seem picky, placing your sprinklers “just so” is critically important to reducing your water usage. The fact is that any water that lands on your driveway, sidewalk or adjacent road is wasted and not working for your lawn.

Raise your lawnmower blade. A beautifully manicured lawn doesn’t have to be cut super short. In fact, a little bit taller grass not only looks lush, but it also helps your grass grow deeper roots and hold soil moisture better.

Don’t over fertilize your lawn. Everyone loves deep green grass, but a little bit of quality fertilizer can go a long way. If you limit the amount of fertilizer you use, you can save money on fertilizer as well as water because the more fertilizer you apply, the more water it requires.


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10 Ways to Conserve Water Indoors This Summer – Part One


With the exception of an infrequent drought, most US homeowners have water readily available for all of their watering needs. However, with water shortages in states like California, many people are looking for creative ways to decrease their water demand. Other homeowners are driven to conserve water to lower their water bill. Whatever your reason, your family can begin conserving water today by implementing as many of the following practices as possible.

1. Turn off the tap during your daily hygiene routines. Whether you are washing your hands or brushing your teeth, you can reduce water use by wetting your hands or toothbrush and turning the faucet off until it’s time to rinse. When shaving your face, simply plug the drain and fill the sink slightly with water, then wet the razor as needed.

2. Take a shorter shower. Experts suggest water usage ranges from 2-12 gallons of water per shower. That said, if you just can’t give up your long shower, place a bucket in the shower to catch water as well as while you’re waiting for the water to warm. This water can be used to water flowers, plants or fill your pet’s water dish.

3. Wash full loads only. This is pretty self-explanatory. Only wash your dishes and clothes when you have a full load. This way you’re saving water AND energy.

4. Fill up a pitcher. Each day, fill a pitcher or gallon jug of water and place it in your refrigerator. When you want a glass of cold water, just pour from the pitcher instead of running the tap until the water is cool each time.

5. Recycle Water. Rather than pouring that leftover glass of water down the sink, use it to water your indoor plants or those on your patio. In addition, when you cook pasta, set the hot water aside to cool. Once it has cooled, you can use it to water your outdoor plants or flowers ¾ just make sure it’s cooled so you don’t harm your plants.


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