Choosing a Dishwasher


What did we ever do before automatic dishwashers?  Sure, there is the occasion where items have to be hand washed, or you travel to a secluded cabin that doesn’t have a dishwasher, but most of us rely on this kitchen workhorse every day.  So, if you are installing one for the first time, or looking for a replacement how do you pick the right one for you?

First, consider whether you need a compact or standard sized dishwasher.  While the compact models fit in smaller spaces and use less water and energy, they also hold fewer dishes.  If you have a small home and don’t do dishes often a compact might be just the ticket for you.  However, if you have a large family and are constantly doing dishes this may not be the best choice for you.  You will also want to look for cycle selections.  Depending on how you use your dishwasher you may want to have the option of using a light cycle for crystal and a heavy cycle for when you are doing a lot of cooking and have really messy dishes to clean.  Some models even offer energy saving cycles.

You will also want to consider whether you need drying versus air drying cycles.  While the drying cycle uses electricity the air dry does not.  This means it takes longer for dishes to dry.  Noise level is also an important consideration.  If the kitchen is the hub of your house, you may be off put by the amount of noise your dishwasher makes.  Most models will list a decibel level on the label that you can use to compare models.  Finally, always look for the energy guide label.  It will allow you to compare the costs of operating each model.

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