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Go Green Plumbing proudly services and installs both new and existing sinks and faucets in our entire service area of Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Brown Summit, Summerfield, Winston-Salem, Oak Ridge, and Forsyth, Guilford, and Davidson Counties, North Carolina. Go Green Plumbing  has the expertise needed to install new or service existing sinks and faucets in your home or office. For your convenience, we have listed several different types of terms below.

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Double bowl This sink has two bowls, not necessarily the same size. Could be a 60/40 size split or even 80/20. Single bowl: As the term suggests, this sink has no separation so has only one drain.

Farm house Also known as an apron front, this sink is typically associated with a rustic or old-fashioned style interior, where the front of the sink is visible.

Top mount This is a self-rimming sink that sits on top of the counter. Typically used with a laminate or wood counter.

Undermount: This sink is mounted under the counter top so the rim is hidden. Typically used with a stone or solid surface counter top.

Single bowl As the term suggests, this sink has no separation so has only one drain.

Vessels This sink sits completely on top of, and above the counter. Bath or Lavatory sinks come in many different colors, shapes, and materials including: Stainless Steel, Accrylic, Enamel, Cast Iron, Swanstone, Copper, Fireclay, and Composite.

Important things to remember when buying or replacing sinks whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom:

Some of the currently popular types of sinks can be damage-prone: vitreous china, porcelain as well as fireclay, solid surfacing and enameled cast iron, all can be dented, dinged, or chipped. The tempered glass sinks can be shattered into small shards. Acrylic sinks don’t typically chip, but they can melt slightly if a hot curling iron or pot is left on them, while solid-surface sinks have a much harder time being burned.

  • If you’re choosing a white sink from one brand and a white toilet, tub, counter or tile from another brand, compare the shades of white to make sure they look good together. If one is significantly “whiter” than the other, it can make the darker shade of white look dirty.
  • Want to go beyond basic white? Enameled sinks come in bold colors, earth tones, and even shades of gray. What’s underneath the enamel is crucial. Enameled steel will withstand scratches, heat, sharp impacts, and most stains, but enameled cast iron isn’t always as good at resisting stains, and can be chipped.
  • Chipped enamel can cause the metal underneath to rust over time. A highly patterned stone countertop works best with a simple, solid-colored sink, and vice versa. Allow one element to be the star, the other to play a supporting role.
  • Stainless-steel sinks are increasingly popular in the bathroom. They fight off stains from common cleaning products and drain cleaner, and also resist heat, dents, and dings. To minimize the noise of running water, select a sink with sound-absorbing pads attached to the exterior’s bottom or sides instead of a spray-on coating. Sinks with polished or glossy surfaces show scratches and stains more than those with matte or random grain finishes.

If you’re just replacing the sink, your vanity and countertop may limit your choices, so note their width, length, and, if you’re considering a vessel sink, height. Updating all three? Then you’ve got more options. In the bath you can even add a second sink although some folks prefer more counter space over an extra sink.

Also keep these points in mind:


Master baths are the second most popular room to redo, after the kitchen. So this is where to treat yourself. Stick with a sink that can take wear and tear for a child’s or frequently used bathroom. For a guest bath or powder room, where storage isn’t as crucial and space is tight, a pedestal or wall-mount sink will work. The latter can be installed to any height, making it a good option for tall, short or disabled people. In the Kitchen you want to keep in mind the available counter space, the amount of work your kitchen sink will endure, and what types of material may suit you best. Always keep in mind the ease of cleaning or ware in tear your sink is going to be subject to.


You can use drop-in sinks, which fit in a hole in the counter; in the bath you can use vessel sinks, which sit on top of the counter, with any countertop material. Just be sure overall height of the vanity plus the vessel sink isn’t too high. Under-mount sinks either in the kitchen or the bath require waterproof countertop materials, such as stone or solid surfacing. Seamless installations, usually in the bath where the sink and the counter are made of the same material, have a nice clean look. But because they’re made as a unit, if the sink or counter is damaged, you’ll have to replace both.

vessel sinks

There are a few facts that you should know before going out to choose new bathroom faucets. If you are going to simply replace the faucet itself and keep the sink, then most of the work is already done.

  • If you’re replacing the entire vanity then you will need to decide which is more important, the sink or the faucet. The reason for this is simple, faucets come in single hole, center-set and widespread assemblies. If you keep your existing sink, then all you need to do is match up the new faucet to the existing holes. This limits your choices. If you are replacing both, then your choices are almost limitless.
  • The same applies to Kitchen faucets. If keeping an existing sink, and only replacing the faucet, it is important to know that there are many options available but that certain specifications will have to be considered. This includes if the existing sink has 2, 3, 4 holes, or if there is a hole for a soap dispenser, water spray etc. If you are replacing the sink and the faucet than the options are limitless.
  • When used properly, faucets can not only be a statement of style but also of water conservation. For example, faucets that are labeled “WaterSense” can cut the amount of water an average household uses by up to 500 gallons a year. Faucets that bear the label “Americans With Disabilities Act Approved” are easier for those with disabilities to operate than traditional faucets. Existing faucets can most times be serviced, and don’t always have to be replaced. New aerators can be retrofitted to an existing faucet’s original specifications, or WaterSense specifications.
  • Don’t forget about your laundry rooms. It is much easier to rinse out a stain or grime from clothing in a laundry sink, or even washing out your mop.

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