Professional Tankless Water Heater Installation

Go Green proudly installs and services both new and existing water heaters and boilers in service areas that include Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Winston-Salem, Summerfield, and Oak Ridge, as well as Guilford, Davidson, and Forsyth Counties, NC. Whether you need a complete tankless water heater installation or are looking for an experienced company to perform annual tankless water heater maintenance, Go Green does it all. We will help you determine exactly which water heater or boiler is right for your home or office and get you the most return on your investment. You can always count on the Go Green team for all of your water heater services in Greensboro, NC, and its surrounding areas.

In addition to our expert tankless water heater installation services, homeowners and commercial entities can also enjoy water filtrationwater line replacement, and drain cleaning services for clogged sewer lines. If you have a problem, we have a solution, bottom line!

What are you waiting for? Give us a call to get started on a newer, more energy efficient tankless water heater installation or tankless water heater maintenance today.

If you are having a difficult time determining what type of water heater is right for your home or commercial business, Go Green can help. We’ve been working in the industry for years and know a thing or two about water heater services, including hot water heater replacements, and what works and doesn’t work for residents of High Point, NC, Summerfield, NC, and Oak Ridge, NC, and Davidson County, NC. Take a look below at the different types of water heaters Go Green has available for installation.

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Conventional Gas & Electric Water Heaters

Conventional gas and electric water heaters are available in a variety of sizes. These water heaters rely on tank temperature sensors to keep the stored water at the desired set temperature and tend to run semi-continuously, day or night, regardless of hot water usage. The average life of a conventional water heater is anywhere from 9 to 12 years. Water heater services such as professional inspection and maintenance of these water heaters should be completed annually to ensure the water heater is operating safely and efficiently.


Tankless water heaters are also available in a variety of sizes. These water heaters rely on computers and sensors to deliver hot water at a desired set temperature. Tankless water heaters only run when there is a call for hot water (like turning on a faucet). The average lifespan for a tankless water heater is anywhere from 12 to 20 years. Tankless water heater maintenance is required on an annual basis to ensure minimal scale buildup and that the heater is operating safely and efficiently. Go Green technicians can provide top tankless water heater maintenance for all residents in and around Davidson County, NC.


Hybrid gas water heaters are a relatively new concept. These water heaters combine both worlds of conventional storage type water heaters along with tankless water heaters in which most of the pros are realized, and the cons are diminished. The average lifespan of a hybrid water heater is 10 to 16 years with an annual inspection and water heater service. Hybrid electric water heaters are similar to conventional electric water heaters except that they use heat pumps to heat the water. Hybrid water heaters can reduce water heating costs up to 71 percent and provide payback in two-three years. With annual savings of $437 or more, there is no better way to go green than with a hybrid electric water heater in your Summerfield, NC, or Davidson County, NC, home. Hybrid water heaters also usually come with an outstanding warranty program.


Solar water heaters have been around for hundreds of years. In fact, ancient Romans used a form of solar power to heat their water. Solar water heaters typically have two parts to the system: a storage tank (much like a conventional water heater) and a collector (usually seen on roofs). Most often, solar water heaters do require electric or gas backup to ensure the user always has hot water available. Solar water heaters have a lifespan of anywhere from 20 to 30 years and boast one of the industry’s best warranties compared to other water heater types. There is an abundance of tax credits available through state, local, and federal government as well as financing opportunities. Keep in mind that solar water heaters do require annual water heater services and maintenance, just like the others to ensure safety and efficiency.


High-efficiency water heaters are much like conventional water heaters with slight variations, such as efficiency (hence the name “high efficiency”). These water heaters can be very efficient as they can be vented using a plastic pipe due to the heater absorbing a large percentage of heat from the flue gases. The average lifespan of a high-efficiency water heater is anywhere from 9 to 12 years. Inspection and water heater service should be performed annually to ensure the water heater is operating safely and efficiently. Additionally, Go Green experts will perform full hot water heater replacements when it is eventually needed.


Boilers can be similar to both tankless water heaters and conventional water heaters; however, boilers have one purpose, which is to heat a large volume of water in a short period of time. Today, boilers are mainly seen in commercial settings. However, there is still a large number of boilers installed in residential homes across Summerfield, NC, High Point, NC, and Oak Ridge, NC, to complete tasks such as hot water for radiant floor heating. Boilers are very energy efficient and provide one of the most comfortable and economical ways to heat a space. With the correct controls, installation practices, and servicing, boilers can heat both domestic hot water and an entire residence or commercial building for years.

As you can see, there are many types of water heaters to choose from to heat your Greensboro, Summerfield, High Point, Jamestown, Winston-Salem, Oak Ridge, Guilford County, Davidson County, or Forsyth County, NC home or commercial business. Go Green is experienced in all aspects of water heater installation, repair, and tankless water heater maintenance with flat rate pricing available upfront. Our hours are convenient, and our workmanship is guaranteed.

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