Cleaning Your Front Load Washer


With the advent of front load washers just over a decade ago, consumers rejoiced with this new technology. While it is a marvel unto itself, the day-to-day reality is that it comes with some challenges. Because these High Efficiency front load models use less water and contain a seal lock to keep water from escaping the washer, they also tend to be more vulnerable to mold and mildew than their predecessor, the top load washer. So, what to do?

Plan to clean your washer on a regular basis to ensure that mold and mildew are not taking over your washer. While it’s always good to wipe down the inside of your washer and clean the detergent dispenser, the primary culprit for mold growth is the rubber gasket found in the front of the washer, when you open the door. Below are a few steps to help you keep your rubber gasket clean.

  1. Find your rubber gloves, you will need them for this project.
  2. Create a mixture of 50/50 bleach and warm to hot water in a large bowl or bucket.
  3. Soak a rag in the bleach mixture and wipe the gasket thoroughly.
  4. Next, pull the rubber gasket back to check for mold that may be hiding. If you find it there, wipe aggressively with the bleach soaked rag.
  5. If the mold is not budging, thoroughly soak the rag in the bleach mixture and lay it firmly inside the rubber gasket. You can let it sit for 30 min to overnight. If you do leave it there overnight, be sure to open windows and doors for extra ventilation if you haven’t already done so.
  6. When you remove the rag, use an old toothbrush to loosen any residue, then wipe it thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.
  7. Once your gasket is clean, place the rags that you’ve used into the washer and run a full cycle on the hottest setting.
  8. When complete, run the machine through another cycle with 2 cups of vinegar only.


After you’ve wiped down the inside of the machine thoroughly, the only thing left to do is to clean the filter (typically found on the lower right of the washer). To do this, check your owner’s manual for instructions, as different models and manufacturers require different processes.


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