Dealing With A Cabinet-Sink Leak


If you have experienced a leak under your sink, you now know all too well the mess that can be left behind.  Even after the excess water has been cleared away, and the leak fixed, you may now be dealing with damage done to your cabinet floor.  However, don’t stress that you have to replace the entire cabinet.  There are a couple of things you can do to fix the problem.

If the leak was a small one that was caught quickly and repaired, all that may be required is to wipe up any standing water and keep the doors open to allow the area to dry out.  Setting a fan in front of the open doors can assist with this process.

Once the area is dried completely, inspect the cabinet floor for damage.  There may be some slight bubbling or discoloration of the area where the water stood.  If you are concerned about how this looks, you can line the bottom of the cabinet with a sink shelf liner.  You can also use peel and stick tiles that will not only cover the effected area, but help provide protection if you have a future leak.

But what if you had a bigger leak, and the cabinet floor is completely water-logged and sagging?   Not only is the cabinet floor beyond repair in this case, but you will want to have it removed so that any mold issues can be addressed.  You still want to begin with drying out the area as much as possible.  Clean up any remaining water, then leave the cabinet doors open and use a fan to circulate air.

Replacing the cabinet floor will require that the old floor be cut out, and a new base and floor installed.  Since an oscillating saw is needed for this process, you might want to have a professional handle this for you.  Once the new base and floor is installed you can decide whether you want to just water treat it, paint it, or add another treatment.  Besides the items mentioned above, you could also consider using formica, vinyl or ceramic tiles.

Having a water leak is never a fun thing.  But having some ideas of how to deal with the resulting problems can make it less painful.  You may also end up with a nice, updated look for your cabinet floor to show off to your family and friends.

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