Dishwasher Efficiency Can Save You Money


Having a dishwasher today is one of the modern luxuries that many Americans take for granted. Just rinse and load the dishes, add the detergent and turn on the washer. It’s that easy. And while it IS that easy, there are a few ways that you can change your dishwasher habits to save yourself some money.

First, is your dishwasher and Energy Star dishwasher? explains that the US Energy-Star program is a government-backed labeling program that helps you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by identifying home appliances that have superior energy efficiency. If yours is not an Energy Star rated appliance, it may be worth investigating a newer model if you want to save some cash long term.

So now that that’s established, the next thing you can do is to scrape and rinse your dishes. Not only does that help ensure your dishes will get clean in the wash, you will save some water and ensure your dishwasher drain doesn’t get clogged—saving you big bucks down the road.

Next, wash the dishes only when you have a full load. It’s not always possible, but when you can it’s worth it. Are you worried that your dishes will smell? Or that food will cake to your dishes? Then see if your dishwasher has a rinse and hold mode to manage these issues until you wash the bigger load. If your dishwasher doesn’t have a rinse and hold mode, then simply run a short rinse cycle.

And when do you typically run your dishwasher? Right after dinner? Did you know that energy companies typically charge more during peak hours?  Run the washer right before going to bed if you’re a night owl, or, if you’re an early riser, run it very early in the morning. If your dishwasher has a delay mode, you can use it to run the dishwasher overnight when energy costs much less.

And last but not least, you can always let your dishes air dry rather than using the drying cycle in your dishwasher. This will cut down on the heat and energy needed to dry your dishes.


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