Everyday Wisdom From Your Plumber – Part Two

Go Green Plumbing, Greensboro, NCWish you could have prevented that plumbing issue that created thousands of dollars of damage? Sure you do. And do you know where to find that information? It’s as easy as calling your plumber. To get you started, below you’ll find a few nuggets of wisdom from your technicians at Go Green Plumbing.

If you are using a septic tank, know that it must be emptied periodically. This is an issue that can cause unnecessary headaches and very real problems. If your septic tank is full, inevitably your plumbing system will back up and it won’t be pretty – or inexpensive.

Identifying and using a good bacteria and enzyme product on your septic system is a wise investment. The bacteria and enzymes will work to break down the waste in the septic, helping to alleviate any back up issues that may begin otherwise.  There are a few different brands, but one that Go Green Plumbing recommends is BioClean.

Limit your use of bleach if you are on a septic system. Though you’re using the Clorox in your home for cleaning, when it’s flushed or washed down the sink, it can kill the good bacteria that is working to break down the waste in your septic tank.

Have your water tested periodically. Heavy levels of sediment and minerals can damage fixtures internally and externally and will shorten the lifespan of their system. If you have a high level of sediment or minerals in your water supply, consider a water purifier for your home.

Washing machine hoses are the number one cause of home flooding. Checking, replacing, making sure they have braided stainless steel hoses instead of plastic hoses can save you several thousands of dollars in the long run.

Always disconnect outdoor hoses from hose bibs when you expect freezing temperatures. In addition, always cover the outdoor faucet for temperatures below 32 degrees.  If you don’t do this, the frozen water in hoses and faucets can create the perfect storm causing water lines to burst.

Turn off your water at the main valve when you are on vacation. By doing this, you’re preventing major damage to your home in the event of a water leak or burst pipe.


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