Five Signs You Have Piping Issues to Address in Your Home

Snaking around the inside of your walls are some of the most important, complicated, and fallible systems in your home: the pipes. Proper plumbing is an essential aspect of your home because it provides clean drinking water, good water pressure, and allows you to flush your toilets. But, as was previously mentioned, pipes are not perfect; they don’t last forever, and unchecked issues can result in expensive (sometimes irreparable) damage to your home, possessions, and property. As a necessary precaution, your pipes should be regularly inspected by professional plumbing technicians. But how do you know if there are problems with your pipes? Well, the plumbing pros at Go Green Plumbing, the leading sewer line replacement service in Greensboro, NC, would like to shed light on a handful of signs that indicate your pipes are in trouble.

Discolored Water

If your water has a brown or red tint, the chances are that your pipes are corroding and the rusting interior of your pipes is flaking off and discoloring the water. This is a colossal health hazard and should be addressed immediately.

Low Water Pressure

This is probably the most common plumbing issue, especially in older buildings. There are many causes for low water pressure such as pipe leaks, corrosion, clogs, or incorrectly-sized pipes, so it is wise to get a professional out to do a thorough check.

Critical Leaks

Over time, especially with cheaper products, pipes start to fail, crack, and burst. Maintaining and repairing pipes can be a hassle, but leaky pipes can cause a ton of problems. One of the most prevalent issues with leaking pipes is moisture buildup in the walls, which causes mold infestations and drywall deterioration.

Backed-Up Drains

If water is draining slowly, bad odors are coming from the drain, or they are completely backed up, you might have corrosion in your pipes, and your sewer line might be severely damaged. The problems with backed up drains vary in severity, but an expert should still inspect your pipes before the threat of a complete system failure comes to fruition.

Odd Sounds in Your Plumbing

Your plumbing system and fixtures are supposed to be quiet when running correctly, so banging, clanking, groaning, clicking, and thudding are clear signs that something is amiss in your plumbing system. Temperature and pressure changes are frequent causes of noisy plumbing and can usually be fixed by a professional.

We at Go Green Plumbing, the plumbing and clogged sewer line professionals in Greensboro, NC, understand the complexity and necessity of your home’s piping and hope that the signs listed above can help you identify plumbing issues before they cause catastrophic and costly damage to your home. If you see any of these identifiers, or if you are looking to stay a step ahead of the curve, give Go Green Plumbing a call at 336-296-1100 to schedule your plumbing repair, replacement, or maintenance today!

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