Going Touch-less or Hands-free


As part of living in an increasingly germ-resistant world, many people are looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs in their homes, especially in their bathrooms and kitchens. To meet this new demand, companies started producing hands-free and touch-less faucets, soap dispensers, and toilets some years ago. Now these items are available for our homes as well.  But what are the true benefits of going hands-free or touch-less in our homes?

One of the main ways germs are spread is through touch. Some common viruses, germs, and bacteria can survive on surfaces for several weeks. Not having to touch certain surfaces, such as faucets or toilet handles, can greatly reduce the risk of spreading these viruses or germs.410d-t7iopl-_sx300_

Another benefit is for those with limited motor skills or arthritis. Not having to turn a handle or lever can make the life easier for those who have difficulty gripping or pushing a handle. It is also helpful in other ways. Hands full or dirty? Sick or handling raw food? Hands-free faucets allows you to use your wrist or elbow to turn the water on or off. Touch-less uses a sensor system to detect movement to turn the water on or off.

In homes with several family members, faucets handles can receive a workout on a daily basis.  Having a touch-less or hands-free system can reduce wear and tear, resulting in fewer repairs or replacements. Both systems can help you work more efficiently in the kitchen, and keep things cleaner by not having to touch surfaces with dirty hands.

Touch-less or hands-free faucets or toilets are part of the new technology growth around. So, these require more than just plumbing to work. They have to have a power source, either from batteries or electricity. So, make sure you discuss the installation with your qualified plumber to ensure all is installed and working properly. Then enjoy your new touch-less or hands-free additions to your home.

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