Handling Problems With Your Residential Well Pump


If your home has a well as its water source you will encounter issues that those living with municipal water access do not.  Although a well provides lower monthly costs, the maintenance and repairs involved in having a pressure tank, switches and pump come with their own issues.  Below are some areas to check if you begin having problems.

Check the power supply if you have no running water.  Power surges and blackouts can trip your electrical circuit breaker, shutting down your system.  Locate the correct circuit breaker for your well pump, switch off, then on again.  Once the circuit breaker is back on, you should have running water again if this is the problem.

Too much of a demand on your water system can trip the pressure switch, and shut the system down.  Locate the pressure switch, a silver bar on the side of a gray box on top of the feed line.  The pressure switch should be at an upward angle.  If  tripped, it will be at a downward angle.  To reset, close the water valves going to the delivery system.  Lift the pressure switch until it engages.  Once the pressure tank refills, slowly reopen the water valves.

Next, check the pressure tank for correct pressure.  The default setting for the pressure switch is 30 psi (pounds per square inch), and the tank should be 2 psi less making it 28 psi.  A lower air pressure can indicate a waterlogged tank, or an air bladder break.  Both issues would require a professional to determine if a repair can be done, or if a new tank is needed.

Discolored water or smells from rust, iron, sulfur, calcium, magnesium and other minerals can also present problems.  Contacting a water treatment specialist can help determine what steps are needed to correct the problem.  Keeping your well pump maintained and in good repair will keep it working for many years, providing your family with all the water it needs.

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