How to Maintain Your Plumbing

We all know that maintenance is important for a lot of things around us.  Regular maintenance on our vehicles keep them in running good running order.  Changing filters on our heating and air units regularly helps get us through the hottest and coldest days of the year.  We even maintain ourselves when we get our regular, yearly checkouts at our doctor.  But have you ever thought that your plumbing needs maintenance as well?  As with anything else, our plumbing can benefit from regular maintenance and can prevent costly repairs in the future.Peteonfloor-555x390

Start with an inspection of your plumbing.  Look at the plumbing under your sinks and toilets for any signs of leaks or moisture.  Some condensation on cold metal pipe on hot, humid days is to be expected, so you would want to reinspect at another time when the house is cooler to determine if it is normal condensation or a small leak. Check around the base of your toilet for water stains or darker grout lines that can indicate a slow leak either from a broken wax ring or flange under your toilet.

Check all faucets and shower heads to monitor water pressure.  There may be some difference between faucets styles, but all should have a stead flow of water.  Pay attention to the water as it drains from your sinks and tubs.  Slow drainage can be a sign of a clog or build up in your pipes.  You will want to remove and clean aerators on faucets and shower heads to flush out any sediment build up that can slow water flow.

You will also want to check pipes on your water heater for moisture or leaks.  Be sure and check around the base of the water heater for water stains or puddles.  Your inspection will want to include your garbage disposals to check for loosened connections or signs of clogs.  If you are on a crawl space, look for signs of leaks around joints and connections on your plumbing.  Don’t forget to check the water lines and area around your washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Repairs to any leaks or wet areas discovered during your inspection is important.  The longer a leak continues the more damage to your walls, flooring and home.  Some issues may simply require tightening a fitting or nut bolt.  Others may require calling a professional to determine what needs to be repaired.  So schedule your plumbing for an annual checkup, either by you or your certified plumber.  It is necessary for the proper working of your plumbing system, and good protection from major plumbing issues in the future.

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