Installing A French Drain (Part One)


Have you discovered standing water around your foundation or do you have a leaky basement? Then you may want to consider installing a French drain on your property. By helping keep water away from your foundation and your basement, a french drain can be an essential tool in keeping your home free of water and mold. Though it may sound intimidating, installing a French drain is a relatively easy project that can make a big impact.

First and foremost, identify the best location for your drain. This is a critical first step, so don’t rush it. Your location can make or break the success and life of your drain. So grab your pen and paper for some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Call your homeowner’s association and city or county officials to make sure you know your neighborhood’s regulations for digging. Once you’ve received the green light from the municipal powers that be, the next step is to check for underground cables, pipes or other installations.

Each home in the US has a network of pipes and cables underground that provide water, sewer, gas, electric and communications services. If you unknowingly dig in a location that has a cable or pipe below, you can damage your utilities, costing unnecessary expense, hassle and even serious injury. To help you with this process, call 811 (“Call Before You Dig”), which is a free resource that will connect you to a local call center. There they will have a record of utility cables, etc. that are underground on your property.

Now that you know where you can dig, you’ll need to identify the most effective place to install the drain. First, look for an area that has a slight slope that runs away from your home and is free of shrubs, trees or structures of any type. Also keep in mind the most effective drains are at least 3 feet long and run parallel to your home and horizontally down your slope.

Now that you’ve identified the ideal location for your French drain, come back later this week to learn how to build your own French drain.


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