Low Maintenance Landscapes


Are you looking for a way to spend less time maintaining your landscape this summer and more time enjoying it?  If so, you are not alone.  But how do you develop a landscape that looks nice and fresh but doesn’t require a lot of time, energy and water to maintain?

There are many ways you can reduce your use of fertilizer, water and time.  One way to save time is to simply reduce the amount of grass you have to mow, water and fertilize.  You can do this by adding hardscape elements like rock or mulch.  Rock and mulch are both available in a wide variety of colors and textures that can complement your home and design aesthetic.  Look for a local nursery that can help you develop a complete design that fits your needs. Mulch will also hold in water for any plants in the landscape, reducing your water consumption.

By planting perennials instead of annuals, you can plant once and forget about it. Annuals will give you instant color, but often only last a few months or weeks instead of years.  Choose evergreen plants to serve as a backdrop and add other perennials for color and texture.

Consider adding succulents and other low water demand plants.  Here in North Carolina our winters are mild enough that these plants can often survive with little winter coverage.  If in doubt, cover with mulch for the winter season and uncover after the risk of frost is past.

Another time saver is to simply reduce the variety of plants in the landscape.  By having just a handful of plant types, maintenance is less varied and therefore easier to carry out.

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