Not Your Average Sink Plumbing


If you’re considering replacing a sink in your powder room or bathroom, you may be looking at some of the cool wall mount or vessel sinks available today. If so, one area you need to give attention to is the plumbing under the sink.  Since these sinks don’t have base cabinets or vanities to hide the plumbing, you may want to look at some of the new decorative p-traps now on the market.

So what is a p-trap? It is a pipe that has a sharp curve or dip in the pipe, and is a necessary part of your sink plumbing. Water collects in this curved or dipped area, and prevents sewer gases from backing up into your home. The p-trap can also catch heavy items, such as an earring or ring, and stop them from going down the drain.

With the appeal of floating vanities and wall mounted sinks growing, the demand for more decorative p-traps has increased. Companies are now providing them in an array of finishes from black and chrome to brass and brushed nickel.  This allows you to have your exposed p-trap match whatever finish you choose for your sink fixtures.plumber_sinks

Along with the various finishes being offered, there are also different styles of p-traps. This will give you a more cohesive look to your bathroom. Home improvement stores have styles ranging from traditional, vintage, European, modern and contemporary. To complete the look, you can find matching angle stops (the under sink turn on/off valves) in stores and online as well.

So remember, although a necessity, your p-traps don’t have to be just “average” anymore.  If you’re installing a sink with exposed plumbing, consider one of the new decorative p-traps to accent your new sink. This can make for a beautiful addition to your powder room or bathroom.

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