Your Plumber Can Do More Than “Fix-It”


Many people believe that the only time to call a plumber is when you have a clogged pipe or a leaking water line.  But in reality, there are many occasions when a licensed plumber is needed. Are you building a new home?  Do you want to add a bathroom, or move a sink in your existing home?  Then a licensed plumber is just what you need.

When building a new home, there is a ton of work to get your home water system (sewer lines, water lines and drains) installed, and a professional plumber can get it done efficiently.  Each state has specific guidelines for the installation of plumbing in a new home, and a professional plumber is trained and licensed to meet these guidelines.  This ensures that all of your home water system is working properly, and gives you peace of mind.

What about that kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room remodel?  All these projects can require removing old water lines, installing new pipes, relocating sinks, showers and tubs.  With the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room being busy, popular rooms in your home, you need the plumbing supplying water to them working at their best.  Your local professional plumber can make certain everything is installed correctly and passes local state code requirements.

So, think of your local plumber as more than just a fix-it company.  They are available to help with many home projects, both new construction and existing home improvement.  Give them a call to discuss any projects you might be considering to make certain your home water system performs at its best.

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