Possible Explanations for Squealing Noises From Your AC

People know that they need air conditioner repair based on increasing temperatures they can feel or unexplained rises in their energy bills that they can see. But your sense of sound can also help you know when something is wrong. If you’ve been hearing high-pitched, squealing noises from your AC, it probably means one of two things depending on your system’s age, though there are other possibilities to consider. It also means it’s time to call the leading air conditioner repair service in the Winston Salem area: Go Green Plumbing, Heating and Air.  

If you have an old AC model, it could be a belt issue.

Although AC belts are still widely used in the air conditioning systems of vehicles, they have been largely phased out in home systems. It’s unlikely that you have a belt if your home’s AC system is new, but if it’s old and you hear a squealing noise, the belt is a likely culprit. 

The belt connects the system’s motor to the blower, and will start making squealing noises if it slips. These sounds will be loud enough to hear whether you’re inside or outside your home. If this is the problem, the belt will require replacement.  

If you have a new AC model, it could be a bearings issue.

In newer AC systems, the condenser fan’s drive-motor relies on bearings to prevent friction when the fan is in motion. The system’s motor pulls air across the system’s condenser coils, located in the compressor. If the bearings have worn down, friction will result in either a squealing or rattling sound. Replacing or lubricating the bearings, depending on their condition, will once again prevent this friction and restore the quietness of your system. 

Other Noises You Might Be Hearing 

Squeaking is generally a sign that the problem isn’t terribly serious. Here are some sounds that can indicate a need for a more major repair or replacement: 

  • Grinding: This is a sign that a bearing is in danger of failing. If that happens, it can damage other components. 
  • Hissing: Could be a sign of loose ductwork, or something more severe like leaking refrigerant.

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