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Save Money on Your Hot Tub or Poolcurbless-showers

If you have invested in a hot tub or pool for your enjoyment you know how good it can feel to slip into the water after a hard day at work. But, aside from the initial cost, what is it costing you to operate that hot tub or pool? Chemicals to maintain the water including shock, water softener and pH increase and pH decrease, filters and water costs are just one part of the equation.

Energy costs can rack up quickly between the cost of running the filter pump and the heater. So, how can you reduce your costs?

  • Maintain clean filters. By keeping your filters clean and free of debris that blocks the air flow, you reduce the amount of energy required to push the water through the filter.
  • Check your hot tub cover. If you have a hot tub, check the cover to make sure that the vinyl is not cracked and the insulation is intact. While a cover is expensive, the energy savings will make up for the expense fairly quickly.
  • Turn down the temperature. Turning down the heater just a couple of degrees will make a significant difference in operating expense.
  • Use a thermal pool cover. If you are not using your pool for an extended period of time, use a thermal pool cover to keep out debris and keep the water warmed.
  • Use a windbreak. If you find that you have prevailing winds, set up a fence or windbreak. In addition to privacy, you will save money by keeping those winds from cooling down the water.

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