Seal Out The Cold by Go Green Plumbing

Winter is upon us and with it comes that cold, raw weather. Before the cold weather hits, take some time to winterize your home to lower your heating costs and keep your home nice and toasty. Cold air can seep in through leaks around doors and windows, so by finding those leaks and stopping that air, you can make a difference in how warm your home feels.

fireplaceStart by finding where air is leaking. Look at door and window frames to see where light is coming in from the other side. This is an indicator that there is a gap that may be letting in the cold. You can also light a candle or a lighter and trace around the door or window frame to see where the air causes the candle to flicker. Mark those areas with bits of painters tape so that you know where to add insulation.

There are multiple ways to insulate around window and doors. There is foam tape with an adhesive backing that is inexpensive and available online and in most hardware stores. It is easy to cut and fit a length to the exact size you need. You may find that you need to replace the rubber gasket around some doors. This is slightly more expensive, but will provide a better seal to keep air out. Rubber door sweeps will keep cold air from coming in underneath exterior doors or doors leading to unconditioned space (like attics and basements).

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