When Hurricane Season hits North Carolina will you be prepared for power outages?

You know it’s coming every summer; It’s not unpredictable, so why go unprepared? Equip your family for inevitable weather disasters with a Go Green generator installation! Go Green is your go-to provider of generator installation, air duct replacements, and many other home services because we want your home to function like a well-oiled machine year round!

Who should get a Go Green generator installation?

If you live in a region that is known for heavy rainfall, tropical storms, and hurricanes during the warmer seasons, you probably know what it’s like to be without power for days at a time. Instead of lighting candles and playing charades, get a Go Green generator installation so you can continue with your normal routine next time the power grid goes down!

Property owners living near Davidson County, NC, Guilford County, NC, and Forsyth County, NC, should call Go Green today to equip their homes with a generator installation for the next emergency weather disaster.

Why you should install a standby generator instead of renting a portable generator:

A new generator installed outside of a home in Winston-Salem, NC

Most common causes of power outages:

Questions to ask before installing a standby generator:

How often do you lose power, and for how long?

If you only experience power outages a few times a year, you might be better off going with a portable rental generator. Additionally, if your power goes out infrequently for only a couple hours at a time, it might not be worth it to install a standby generator.

What are the regulations on generators where I live?

Do you need a permit to use a standby generator? Are there specific restrictions on how far your generator must be from your home and the surrounding buildings? Be sure to research your region’s rules and regulations regarding standby generator installation before moving forward.

Do you have an easily accessible fuel source?

Most generators are powered by one of the following energy sources: Gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas. A natural gas line is ideal because you’ll never have to take an impromptu trip to the gas station in the event of a severe storm wiping out the power grid.

Is your home hurricane-ready?

Prepare yourself for the predictable with the help of a Go Green standby generator installation. If you live near Davidson County, NC, Guilford County, NC, or Forsyth County, NC, and you want to be prepared for the next power outage, call Go Green today to consult with one of our licensed contractors about how to get started.

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