Teaching Your Children To Use Toilet Paper

When it comes to toilet paper, a little good judgement goes a long way. While most adults have a sense of how much is too much, young children can have a harder time discerning the proper amount of toilet paper to use.

Thankfully toilet paper isn’t that expensive, but using too much can add up over time. To make matters worse, too much toilet paper can lead to problems like clogged and overflowing toilets. It can also create bigger problems for your septic system down the road which can mean costly repairs.

To help teach your child the finer points of toilet paper use, consider trying one of the following tactics.

Count the squares. This one is pretty straightforward. Determine a number of toilet paper squares that you and your child decide is appropriate and let them count out the squares and then tear them off.

Draw a line/Mark the Spot. This is as easy as it gets. Take a pencil and simply draw a line on the wall under the toilet paper roll to show your child how far to pull the toilet paper out. When they reach the line, tear the toilet paper. If you prefer, you can mark the spot with a small arrow sticker.

Make a measuring ribbon. This one takes a little more time, but it is probably the most aesthetically pleasing. Either purchase an attractive ribbon, or find one that you have at home. Measure the length that represents the number of paper squares that you’ve agreed on and cut the ribbon, leaving about an inch to an inch and a half extra on each end. Then affix the ribbon to the toilet roll holder and slip a small bead on the opposite end of the ribbon to add some weight. Finally, tie a knot adjacent to the bead and let the ribbon hang. Voila!


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