The 5 Key IAQ Maintenance Tips to Follow this Spring Season

The warm weather signals the start of spring here in Greensboro, NC, which means allergy season is right around the corner. During this time, it is essential to have strong indoor air quality (IAQ) to keep pollen, the most common allergen in the spring, out of your house. In fact, keeping all air pollutants to a minimum is incredibly important during the pandemic. 

Numerous solutions are available at your fingertips in order to improve IAQ in the upcoming season — here are five to help you get started!

Remove Sources Of Pollution And Decrease Emissions 

Ensure household items are closed and stored properly. Interestingly enough, there’s a long list of commonly used products that contribute to air pollution. Additionally, you can reduce emissions by changing the settings on certain major home appliances, such as a gas stove.

Some of the most regularly used household products include personal care items, cleaning products, and even detergents. Also, be mindful of air fresheners, especially those that are known to contribute greatly to poor indoor air quality. By storing these properly and verifying they are sealed, you can improve the air in your home. 

Allow For Ventilation

Crack open windows or doors occasionally, allowing outdoor air to circulate within your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ventilation helps decrease or even entirely eliminate indoor airborne pollutants. With that said, allowing air in from outside is best. This can also be achieved by turning the vent control open on with a window air conditioner unit. 

Invest In An Air Cleaner 

Keep Home Clean

Reducing dust and other forms of buildup can make a huge difference when it comes to air quality. Ensure your home is cleaned and dusted on a regular basis to prevent dust or mold buildup. Additionally, this can alleviate or, at the very least, reduce concerns for indoor allergens too.  

Keep Plants Outdoors

When it comes to decor, plants are a great accessory with the added benefit of more oxygen in the air. Unfortunately, if over-watered, microorganisms can form, and this can lead to mold buildup as well as allergen flare-ups. Ultimately, it contributes to a lower air quality too.  

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