Water Heaters: When to Repair or Replace

No homeowner enjoys having to pay for the the repair or replacement of appliances.

With these tips from Go Green Plumbing, the experts in clogged sewer line repairs in Summerfield, NC, you’ll have an easier time determining whether or not you need to replace or repair your home’s water heater.

What Factors You Should Consider


According to experts, gas water heaters usually have a lifespan of about ten years and tankless water heaters last 12-15 years. If your water heater is nearing towards the end of its life and is experiencing problems, it may be best to replace it. If your system is still relatively new, it will be more cost efficient to call a plumber for maintenance and repairs.

Increased Utility Bills:

If you’ve noticed a steady increase in your utility bills over the past couple of months – you might not want to shake your fist at the electrical company. Your water heater makes up an estimated 14 percent of your total energy bill, therefore, if your water heater is old and is no longer efficient, then it might be time to get it replaced.

Cost & Frequency of Repairs:

Whenever homeowners are facing the repair vs. replacement debate, we recommend performing a simple 50 percent, cost-benefit analysis to determine the smartest choice.  The 50 percent rule is that if any repair costs 50 percent of what it would cost to replace the system, then you should consider a replacement rather than continuing to repair it. However, if your current repair does not add up to 50 percent (and isn’t even close) of a new water heater, you want to keep in mind your water heater’s age and also the frequency of repairs.

Options for New Water Heaters

If you’re a homeowner considering replacing your old water heater, it’s good to know what options are out there before hiring a plumber to install a new unit. Watch the video below to learn more about an energy and money saving water heater system that Go Green Plumbing offers:

To learn more about our offer mentioned in the video above, or our other services like water testing, water filtration, and clogged water line repairs in Oak Ridge, NC, call us today!

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