Why Use a Garbage Disposer? by Go Green Plumbing


Why Install a Garbage Disposer?

Do you have a garbage disposer installed in your kitchen sink? Garbage disposer units are in about 50% of American homes.   If you don’t you might be wondering why you should think about installing one in your home.

The garbage disposer fits into the sink between the drain and the trap to capture food waste and shred it to tiny bits that can be washed down the drain to the municipal sewer system or the septic tank. In homes without a disposal unit, food waste can create blockages in pipes that require a plumber. Since 10-20% of household trash is food waste and scraps, this significantly reduces the amount of trash that you place in your waste receptacle. Chicken bones, coffee grounds, egg shells and vegetable peels can all be ground up in the garbage disposer. In addition, some municipalities use these foods scraps to produce methane gas that is then used to meet energy needs.

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