Appliances Got a Funky Smell?


Do your kitchen and laundry appliances have a smell that is . . .  well, not too fresh?  If so, your appliances may be holding in water that isdouble bowl stainless meant to be flushed out at the end of the cycle.  But never fear, there is nothing wrong with your appliance or plumbing, this is simply a by-product of the new designs.

Here are a few easy steps to take to get rid of that smell and brighten your kitchen and laundry room as soon as possible!  First, let’s consider what may be causing these smells.  First, for all appliances, clean all of the surfaces thoroughly including the front, sides, interior compartment and underneath.  With refrigerators, be sure to pull the condensation pan underneath and empty it before cleaning it thoroughly with a mild soap solution.  Vacuum coils to remove any excess dust on refrigerators.  Specific appliances to treat include:

  • Dishwashers – make sure to remove any food debris in the basement and prevent future debris by thoroughly scraping dishes. Be sure to remove and clean the screen as well as the lip of the door. Consider using a dishwasher cleanser available at most grocery and general stores.
  • Washing machine – clean lint filters and detergent, softener and bleach dispensing cups. Consider running a load with a commercially available cleaner or run a load with hot water and two cups of vinegar with no clothes in the machine.  If you see a scummy looking build up along the line where your laundry typically reaches consider cutting back on your detergent amount.  Too much detergent can cause odors.
  • Garbage disposal – cut up lemons and add rock salt. Run disposal with these items in it for a few minutes while flushing with hot water.

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