Why Scope Your Pipes?

No one would scope their plumbing pipes unless they have a problem – right?  But what might you be missing?  sewer-camaraWhy not find out about your problems early?  By scoping your pipes before you have a blockage you can prevent problems and more expensive repairs down the road.  So if your pipes are running slow, or you suspect damage, call Go Green to scope your pipes.    Our professionals can bring in our special scopes to take a good look at your pipes from the inside out.

By scoping your pipes you can abate tree and plant roots early to avoid further damage. Tree roots can grow into the pipes through small cracks.  These small cracks become large cracks when the roots get into them and expand.  In order to prevent future problems you will need to clean out the roots that are in there and either remove the tree altogether.  Some chemicals can be placed in the lines on a regular basis to prevent these roots from continuing to grow.  You can also repair cracks before they become  bigger problems. The technician can insert a small camera into the pips and track them all the way through to where they connect to the sewage lines leading to the city or your septic tank.

We utilize cameras that are very sophisticated and can pinpoint exactly where there are issues in the line.  This ways there is no guessing about where exactly the crack is.  Other plumbers have to estimate where is issue is and have to excavate more of your yard in order to find it.  We are able to reduce the amount of digging required to get to the crack or problem.

Have a plumbing issue and need some help?  Call the professionals at Go Green Plumbing at 336-252-2999 for service 7 days a week/24 hours a day.  If water runs through it – We Do It!

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