To Bleach or Not To Bleach. That is the question.


We’ve all been there.  The toilet ring is horrible.  The white towels have lost their “whiteness” and shine.  Maybe you have a porcelain serving bowl that, well, just lacks that luster.  What do you do?  It’s easy to reach for the chlorine bleach.  Bleach it and forget it so to speak.  But what does the bleach do to your plumbing?

The good news is that if you are on the city water system, you have few worries.  The bleach you send to the wastewater treatment system will have little impact when combined with the waste of other users.  However, if you live in an area where the wastewater system has a lot of bleach users, you may have a problem. Bleach kills bacteria – both harmful bacteria, and the good bacteria.  This good bacteria is what helps your septic tank ‘process’ your wastewater.  The good bacteria help to break down toilet paper and other waste products.   When too much bleach is introduced,  you don’t have the ‘good bacteria’ to do the job of breaking down the cellulose in the toilet paper.

So, while bleach can erase a lot of things, you want to carefully consider your use of bleach. There are several products on the market today that can help boost your biological activity in your septic tank.  One well known brand is Rid-X.  These treatments are meant to be used monthly.  You simply pour it in your toilet and flush before you leave the house for an extended amount of time or before bed.  You want to use it at a time when you will have decreased activity to allow the product to work.

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