Why Install a Vent in a Bathroom


Bathrooms accumulate lot of moisture. When the shower is running or you are drawing a bath, the water vapor has to go somewhere and since the bathroom door is often closed when you do that, it can build up quickly, especially if there is no window to open in the bathroom.  Add to this all the moisture that accumulates when you are running the sink to brush your teeth, wash your face or your hands and you can easily see how moisture can be a problem.  So, what to do?

Consider installing a vent fan in your bathroom to help get the moisture out.  This will actually help you in a  number of ways.  First, it will reduce the moisture in the room and therefore reduce mold, milder and strong odors that come along with that.  Second,  it can make the space more comfortable while you are in it.  While it does not cool down the air, by removing the excess humidity, the dryer air can cool you by allowing the water on your body to cool you through evaporation.  Finally,  you won’t have to wipe the mirrors off each time you get out of the shower as they are less likely to fog up with the fan running.

One caution though – always run your vents to the exterior of the home.  You don’t want them to vent to an attic space or another room.  This would simply take one moisture problem (your bathroom) and move it to another area of your home (your attic or your bedroom).  Call a professional to help you install vents if there are no existing ones.

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