Choosing Shower Fixtures

Whether you are updating old, leaky shower fixtures or choosing them for a completely new shower, you will encounter a large array when you start your search.  Not just functional anymore, shower fixtures can be the statement pieces in our bathrooms.  Making shower selections is very personal, and depends on what we expect to get out of shower experience.P16672369

For those whose mornings are extremely rushed, and getting through a shower the quickest way possible is a must, then your choice may be the old faithful single-head spray shower head.  This type of fixture has a head with several nozzles that distributes the spray.  Most have an adjustable lever that will change the flow of water from wide to concentrated streams.  Some may prefer a hand-held variety that is attached to a flexible hose.  Handheld shower heads give a nice showering experience, but is also useful in cleaning and rinsing your shower.

If you are looking for more of a spa-like experience, then you might be interested in rain shower heads that are suspended above the user and sprays straight down.  Some are installed directly from the ceiling of the shower, while others mount to the wall and extend above the user still allowing a downward spray of water .  This type of shower head can provide a very soothing and refreshing effect. Just remember that your hair will get wet every time if suspended from the top!

For the all out luxury (and who doesn’t want that?), look at adding body sprays.  This can be done by purchasing a body shower wall unit that comes with a shower head and body sprays built into a tower unit, or creating a custom look by installing individual spray heads that are each plumbed into the shower wall.  Additional features to consider are thermostatic valves that maintain constant water temperature, and digital controls that can regulate water flow intensity, temperature, ambient lighting and music.  These are all features for the individual that is looking for the ultimate relaxing and de-stressing shower.  However, keep in mind these items come at luxury costs, so determine your budget ahead of time.

Whatever your selection, make your shower your own special place to rejuvenate, relax and escape!

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