Hot Water Dispensers by Go Green Plumbing

Tired of wasting time watching your microwave heat water for coffee, tea or cereal?  And the old adage that “a watched pot never boils” has at times seemed so true.  Fortunately for us “always in a hurry, need to save time” individuals, there is a solution…Instant Hot Water Dispensers.Under-Sink-Hot-Water-Dispenser-2

Instant hot water dispensers, formerly used only in commercial kitchens (or for a luxury for the most high-end homes), are now available and affordable for anyone looking to find ways to speed up their time spent in the kitchen.  These dispensers can reduce the time spent making that morning cup of tea, coffee, chocolate or bowl of hot cereal.

But what about dinner time?  Waiting for water to boil will be a thing of the past.  Use your instant hot water to get a head start on boiling water for rice, pasta, and sauces.  Some of the other uses for your hot water dispenser are heating baby food and bottles, sterilizing dishes and utensils, removing jar lids, rehydrating dried foods, removing baked on residue from pans, and many more.

Instant hot water dispensers have their own compact water tank that mounts underneath the kitchen sink and attaches to a separate faucet on the counter.  They come in tank sizes of 1/2 gallon to 2/3 gallon with adjustable temperatures ranging from 160ºF to 210ºF.  Some come equipped with filtering systems, or a separate filtering system can be added if wanted.  Faucets are usually sold separately, but specials can be found that include the faucet/dispenser as well.

So, if needing to shave off those minutes getting out the door in the morning, or just want to reduce the time preparing dinner look into an Instant Hot Water dispenser. Need help installing an Instant Hot Water Dispenser? Call the professionals at Go Green Plumbing at 336-252-2999 for service 7 days a week/24 hours a day.  If water runs through it – We Do It!

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