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Clean your Gutters to Keep Your Roof in Shape

Maybe you haven’t thought about your gutters since the leaves started dropping in October, but now is the time to think about those gutters and what they do to protect your home. We often think about cleaning our gutters when it is obvious that they need it – during the fall. However, the real damage from full gutters is really in the winter when the leaves have long since stopped falling from the sky.

When it rains, the gutters take the water run-off from the roof and direct it downward to your French drains, or divert it to some point in your yard where it will not damage the foundation of your house. When those gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, water backs up onto the roof. It can even run up under the shingles or slates on the roof and freeze. This causes damage to the roof and the supporting structure of the roof deck. This can eventually lead to rot and major home repairs to get the roof in to shape, not to mention the damage from leaking water along the walls on the interior of the home.

So, while we still have some dry weather, clean those gutters out. The traditional method of getting on the ladder or on the roof and scooping out debris will work beautifully. You can also purchase attachments to fit on a hose or blower to ‘push’ debris out of the gutters. However, you should double-check the condition of the gutters after you do this to make sure the debris is removed, and that water flows through all the gutters and downspouts freely. Finally, you can also hire someone to do this work for you if you don’t want to do it yourself. It is an investment in your home that will pay rewards in the end.

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