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Oh No! A Leak Under the Sink!Peteonfloor-555x390

You go to brush your teeth one Sunday night and you find that your bathroom floor is covered in water. What do you do? Wait – there is more water coming from inside the cabinet. Now what do you do?!

First, grab a bucket (or in a pinch, you can use a plastic or metal wastebasket). Figure out where the water is coming from. It may be leaking at the faucet, or through the drain. Although, the drain will only leak when the water is on, so if water continues to flow and the water is not turned on, look at the faucets as a likely leak point. Remember that water flows to the lowest point with the least resistance, so leaking faucets may drip along plumbing lines and drip from the lowest point. Place a bucket to catch any leaking water.

Next, locate the nearest water shut-off valve. Most modern plumbing installations have shut-off valves directly in line where they come out of the wall. If you find moist sheetrock and suspect a leak behind the wall, shut off water at the main water line to the house (for city water this shut off will be near your meter and for well water it may be located at the well or pump).

After you shut off the flow of water, call a licensed plumber to fix the cause of the leak. Remember that water can cause major damage if neglected, including mold, mildew and rot. Fixing leaks early can prevent expensive repairs down the road.

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