Cleaning Woodwork by Go Green Plumbing

Cleaning Woodwork

Baseboards and intricate wood trim just seem to be a magnet for dust and dirt in even the cleanest homes. Given that white is a popular trim color, it is not that surprising that it shows every little speck of dust. Do you ever wonder if there is an easier way?

While it will take additional time in the beginning, here is how you can make cleaning your baseboards and woodwork easier in the future. Begin by cleaning the baseboards thoroughly with an appropriate cleaner. Stained wood or unfinished wood should be cleaned with a detergent made specifically for those type of finishes that can be found at your local hardware store. You want to be sure not to apply any extra oils or waxes that will attract dust and dirt in the future. Painted surfaces can be cleaned with a light soap solution. Allow to dry thoroughly. Especially dusty or intricate woodwork should be vacuumed in advance of cleaning to remove excess dirt. This is the hardest part of maintaining your woodwork, but luckily only has to be done every year or even every other year.

The secret to easy cleaning it to keep it maintained. Each month use a dryer sheet to wipe down woodwork to remove dust. High traffic areas may require more frequent ‘wet’ cleaning to maintain. Dryer sheets will attract the dust more easily that cloth and not leave additional lint.

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