1 Ply or 2? by Go Green Plumbing

ToiletPaper_12Rolls1-Ply Toilet Paper versus 2-Ply Toilet Paper

At the most basic level, the difference between one-ply versus two-ply or even three-ply toilet tissue is pretty basic. Each ply of paper adds pulp, and therefore weight and absorbency. Therefore, the single ply toilet paper would typically not absorb as much moisture or provide the softness of a triple ply paper. However, recent innovations in toilet paper technology have allowed many of the single ply papers to mimic the characteristics of the double and triple ply papers.

From a plumbing standpoint, the single ply toilet paper offers the best protection for pipes and septic systems. The bacteria in your septic tank that are responsible to cleaning out debris like toilet paper and waste, are best able to manage the smaller pulp content of single ply paper, as long as users don’t compensate by using more paper. Research suggests that users use the same amount, regardless of ply, so that by switching to single ply, you can save the environment as well as a your wallet.

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