Does Repiping Add Value to a House?

When making big home improvements, whether to get your home ready for the market or to fix things up a bit inside, it’s a good idea to find out if you are making the right decision. Additionally, understanding what is considered a good investment will help improve your home value. Repiping your house can certainly be a large investment, but most of the time, despite the cost of the process, it can often be a very beneficial decision. 

So is repiping worth it? Does repiping add value to a house? The answer is yes, and here’s why. 

More Interest in Your Home

Many buyers may have more interest in your home if the plumbing system has been repiped recently. By replacing the pipes in your home with new ones, you can guarantee healthy, clean water and good water pressure — especially if your home is an older one. This will also help your appliances work better. 

Having the plumbing taken care of before buying a house is something every new homeowner will appreciate. Often, homes that have replaced their water pipes do better on the market and sell faster. Although this is the norm, it cannot always be guaranteed. That being said, consider the potential buyers and the type of house you have before making this decision. 

Safety First  

One of the best ways to attract buyers is by guaranteeing that they will live in a safe environment once they purchase your home. Choosing to repipe a house means you are ridding the house of unsafe plumbing issues that could occur. A common problem with older homes is that their water pipes can be made of low-quality materials that have deteriorated over the years, leading to problems with both your plumbing system and your health. 

If you are concerned about the safety of your plumbing system, wondering if repiping adds value to your house is probably the last thing on your mind — but an added benefit, nonetheless. Schedule an appointment for plumbing repair in Greensboro, NC, to upgrade your pipes today. 

Money and Time 

Does repiping add value to a house? Is it worth it, or does it just drain your pockets? Yes, repiping your home can indeed be expensive as it is a big home investment. The typical cost of replacing your pipes can range anywhere from $3,000 – $15,000, depending on your plumbing system’s size and age. But it could be a big factor as to why your home is sold, as long as you make sure that the rest of your house is also fixed. Most people only make decisions because of what they can see. 

An added benefit is that repiping a home does not actually take a long time. If the house is smaller, it could take between three to seven days to complete, while a larger home may take longer, possibly a couple of weeks. Once the inspection and decisions are made, it is a relatively quick and easy process. 

When to Start the Process 

When should you start thinking about repiping your plumbing systems? If your home is older than 40 years, you should consider it now. Having a plumbing system this old could mean that your pipes are no longer up to code and could affect the quality of water you drink and bathe in. A sure sign that you need new pipes is tap water that looks dirty or tastes funny. If the water pressure is weak and you have difficulty using appliances, you should consider repiping your home immediately and quickly decide who to work with to fix the issue. 

Get the Service You Need Quickly

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