What Can Happen if You Ignore HVAC Maintenance?

The air conditioners and heating systems in our homes experience a lot of use. As a result, it’s easy for us to take these important systems for granted. During the summer months, many of us lower the thermostat without so much as a second thought, expecting the air conditioning unit to kick on without a hitch. The same can be said during the winter when we bump up the thermostat and immediately expect a warm home.

Although our HVAC systems are designed to work when we need them, we shouldn’t ignore their needs. In fact, many HVAC technicians stress the importance of HVAC maintenance.

Let’s discuss what can happen if you ignore HVAC maintenance.

Higher Energy Costs

Regular maintenance is important because it can help ensure your HVAC systems are running efficiently. The more efficient your heating and cooling systems are, the less energy they’ll waste.

If you want to know what can happen if you ignore HVAC maintenance, take a look at your energy bills. When you neglect the maintenance needs of your heating and cooling systems, there’s a good chance that you’ll see an increase in your energy bills.

When your HVAC systems are poorly maintained, they have to work harder to meet your comfort needs. This can lead to increased energy consumption — and higher energy costs. Although maintenance services might seem like an unnecessary expense, they can actually help you save money in the long run.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

When discussing the importance of HVAC maintenance, it’s important to mention indoor air quality (or IAQ). During a maintenance service, your technician will perform a wide range of tasks; this typically includes replacing the air filter.

Most HVAC systems have air filters. These filters should be replaced on a regular basis, which ends up being about every 90 days. Of course, your specific circumstances can influence how often you replace your HVAC system’s air filter, including whether or not you have pets, asthma, or allergies.

If you neglect your HVAC system’s maintenance needs, there’s a good chance that the air filter will become dirty or clogged. The main job of these air filters is to collect and trap airborne pollutants before they have a chance to enter your home. If the filter is dirty, these pollutants can easily get into your home and negatively affect the air quality.

Expensive Repairs

Are you still wondering what can happen if you ignore HVAC maintenance? Fortunately, there’s still plenty to discuss. For example, scheduling preventative maintenance services is an excellent way to avoid costly repairs and untimely breakdowns.

Every air conditioner and heating system will experience wear and tear during its lifetime; this is a normal occurrence. It just makes sense that the more you use your HVAC system, the more damage it will endure. However, it’s important to note that you can actually prevent excessive wear and tear with regular maintenance.

When an HVAC contractor performs maintenance on your HVAC system, they’ll thoroughly clean the unit, perform a series of tests, and conduct an inspection. If the technician catches a problem that needs fixing, they’ll address it immediately to prevent the issue from worsening. Even small problems can lead to costly repairs.

Lack of Comfort

There are many reasons why HVAC companies highlight the importance of HVAC maintenance. In fact, there’s a good chance that professional technicians will tell you that maintenance can help improve your home’s comfort.

As homeowners, we expect our air conditioners to cool our homes and our furnaces to keep us warm. However, our HVAC systems can encounter many issues if we ignore their needs. If you overlook the importance of regular HVAC maintenance, you could put your family’s comfort — or worse, their safety — in jeopardy.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance With the Experts!

So, what can happen if you ignore HVAC maintenance? There are almost too many repercussions to count. It’s easy to see that neglecting the needs of your heating and cooling systems can have many negative consequences for your family’s comfort.

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