Energy Efficient Water Heaters – Gas Versus Electric


Ask most people and they will agree that we live in a very energy-aware society. People are concerned with finding more ways to conserve now that ever. But, when thinking about energy efficiency, most people may not consider their water heaters as significant means for saving energy – and money. However, water heater usage makes up about 18 percent of your home’s utility bill. With that being said, it’s worth considering ways to be more energy-efficient in this area.

Your decision to be more energy aware can start with the type of water heater you purchase: electric or gas. Many people have electric water heaters in their homes and may not have considered a gas water heater. To that end, below is some information to help you determine which type of water heater is the best for your family and home.

Electric Water Heaters

  1. Less expensive to purchase.
  2. Easier to install.
  3. Monthly utility costs are higher.
  4. Average lifespan is 12 years.
  5. Longer recovery time to reheat.
  6. No hot water during power outages.
  7. No heat loss during operation.

Gas Water Heaters

  1. Purchase price is more.
  2. Install costs more due to gas line hookup and venting.
  3. Utility costs are lower per month.
  4. Average lifespan is 13 years.
  5. Hot water recovery time is less.
  6. Hot water available during power outages.
  7. Some heat loss due to ventilation.

Using these comparisons can assist you in choosing a more energy-efficient hot water heater.  Doing so can help you save money and contribute to saving energy as well.

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