Taking Care of Our Feathered Friends This Winter

One of the joys of winter for many people is feeding birds who visit their yard searching for treats amidst the cold landscape. Maybe you’re one of those bird lovers? If so, colder temperatures may have you thinking about them. Although birds are made to adjust to colder weather, there are things you can do to make it easier for them.

Provide nutritious food. Pick a premium blend high in black oil sunflower seeds and nuts.  Other high fat foods like suet, meat scraps and peanut butter are also good. Keep in mind that different birds feed differently, so provide hanging feeders for smaller birds, and spread a mixed blend of seeds and nuts on the ground for ground feeders. Just do this near bushes or under a deck to protect from predators.

Add additional feeders and birdhouses. Winter months can make it hard to find their own food, so having more feeders can help. Choose feeders that keep seed dry to prevent fungal and bacterial growth. Birdhouses give them a place to roost. Placing dry grass or wood shavings inside will help keep them warm.

Don’t forget water. Check and refill it daily. Adding several rocks to the water container will give them a place to land. To avoid problems with sometimes not-so-adorable four-legged animals (i.e., squirrels, chipmunks, etc.), place food out for them too. Just locate their food a distance away from your bird feeders. They love nut blends, corn, and especially nuts in the shells.

While you are working hard to stay warm and healthy this winter, try to remember your feathered and furry friends as well. They will love you for it!

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