Faucet Water Filter versus Whole House

Faucet Water Filter versus Whole House by Go Green Plumbingmoen-reflex

Does your water taste funny?  Maybe it is time to consider adding a filter to improve the taste of the water and remove harmful contaminants.  Water tastes change depending on if you are on municipal water supplies or on a well.  Those on municipal water supplies may find that their water tastes heavily of chlorine.  This chemical gas smell can be quite strong, but often dissipates as the water sits over time.  Drinkers of well water may find that they water smells more metallic in nature.  This smell does not dissipate over time, but can even settle as a residue into the bottom of the glass.  Both instances provide an opportunity to improve the smell and taste of the water.

So, what are your options?  For one thing, you can install a whole house filter and conditioning system.  This will filter the water when it comes into your house and allow you to soften it as well with salt.  While this option can be expensive to install, the cost of maintaining it will be relatively low compared to other methods and all of the water in your home will be treated.

On the other hand, you can purchase a faucet filter for the points where you are likely to use water for drinking.  This may mean just the kitchen, but you should consider bathroom sinks as well if you frequently use those to draw drinking water.  One benefit of this method is that it is easy for the homeowner to install on their own without professional assistance.  However, filter costs can add up quickly, and unfiltered and un-softened water will still be used in laundry and showers.  In the case of water laced with metallic components, this can reduce the life of clothing and make it look dingy.  It will also affect the texture and feel of hair.

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