Low Flow Toilets Save Money

1625.prd.s.alt.002When the modern toilet was first developed in the mid 1800’s there was little concern about the amount of water used.  At that time, the population lived in areas with abundant water nearby.  Farmers needed it to water their fields and animals and city dwellers working in the manufacturing industry lived near water because it powered the mills in town.  Back then it was not unusual for a toilet flush to use seven gallons of water.

Then, in the 1990s we realized that we couldn’t continue to use that much water every time we flushed the toilet.  There were more people in the world, and more had access to indoor plumbing.  Therefore, the government required that manufacturers reduce the amount of water used with each flush.  The new standard was 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

However, toilet manufactures did little to change the design of the toilet to support the reduced water usage.  Instead, they relied on the traditional design, with less water.  After this change consumers were disappointed in the performance of these new toilets and did everything possible to keep their old, water hogging toilets.  However, do not be afraid.

Modern water saving toilets feature larger flapper valves to allow more water to pass from the tank to the bowl more quickly than in the past resulting in more force, with less water.  In addition, some models allow pressurized water to pass with the water the push the waste through the system.  This not only saves water, it saves money by reducing your water consumption.  It’s better for your wallet and the environment too!

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