Getting a Handle on Home Organization

Do you have a junk drawer that catches everything? How about message boards littered with post cards, coupons, take out menus and random slips of paper with important information? Do you ever struggle to find what you need? Why not create a home binder with all the information you need right at your fingertips.

First, you need to purchase your supplies. You will need a three ring binder to start. A good rule of thumb would be to select a 2-3 inch binder to allow for future expansion, but if you have a lot of information you may need a bigger one. You will also want sheet protectors to hold loose items. You can make your notebook as custom as you would like with business card holder sheets or zippered pockets to hold paperclips, stamps, labels or coupons. You will also want some tab dividers to make your information easy to find.
While it may seem overwhelming at first, it is really quite easy. Start by pulling out everything in the drawer or on the message board. Organize each item by theme – menus in one stack, business cards in another, telephone numbers in another, etc. If any stack is too large, sort it into smaller stacks (for example take all the menus and re-sort all of the pizza menus into one stack, burger menus in another, etc.)
Assemble your binder using the tab dividers to create sections. You might create a quick telephone list that includes the names and numbers of babysitters, home repair experts, your veterinarian, doctor’s offices and schools. You may also want to include a menu section for nights when you want to grab quick take out. The great news in you can create whatever works for you!
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