Hot Water Heater Temperature Changes

Does it seem to you that the hot water in your shower runs out quicker now that the weather has turned colder?  Well, it might not be your imagination. Cold weather can be hard on some appliances, and your hot water heater is one of them. With the dropping temperatures, the cold water coming into your home is also colder. This requires your hot water heater to work harder to get the water heated to your set temperature.

Here are some things to consider:

What is the environment around your water heater?  A lot of water heaters are located in the basement or garage.  What is the temperature in those areas?  Re-caulking any windows or doors to reduce any outside airflow may help. 12814721_1539557743041497_2945426110015825869_n

Insulating the hot water pipes with a foam pipe insulation can help the heat from dissipating while in the pipe. You can also cover your water heater with a blanket. This is a specially designed cover that wraps around your water heater to provide insulation. You can increase your hot water temperature by five to 10 degrees to help with this problem.  Although, if using an insulation blanket, you might be able to drop your temperature by five to 10 degrees.

If, after checking these areas, your hot water output is still not normal, your problems might be mechanical. The burner assembly could be malfunctioning and unable to properly heat the water. There could be sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank preventing the water from heating.  If you have no hot water at all, your problems could be electrical or the pilot light. You will want to call a professional to inspect your hot water heater to determine the exact cause of your problem.

At this time of year, many people have friends and family visiting, and the last thing you want to deal with is no hot water in your home. While at this point, your lower hot water output might not seem like a major issue, it can become one overnight with increased usage. So, take the time to do a little maintenance, even calling for a professional opinion, and mark one less worry off your list.

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